"In the United States, Red Squads were police intelligence units that specialized in infiltrating, conducting counter-measures and gathering intelligence on political and social groups during the 20th century. Dating as far back as the Haymarket Riot in 1886, Red Squads became common in larger cities such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles during the First Red Scare of the 1920s. They were set up as specialized units of city police departments, as a weapon against labor unions, communists, anarchists, and other dissidents." (wikipedia 8/13/2012)

Phoenix Police Planning and Community Relations Bureau "Community Response Squad"

Phoenix Police Planning and Community Relations Bureau "Community Response Squad"
DO NOT LET THE SMILES FOOL YOU: Top Row Lt. Bryan Coley, Det. Rick Tamburo, Det. Dottie Conroy, Det. Al Ramirez, Det. Rick Flum, Det. Tony Davis Bottom Row Det. Jeff Wood, Sgt. Mark Schweikert, Det. Jerry Oliver, Det. Chris Wilson, Det. Chris Abril

Resisting the PHX Police Red Squad

AUGUST 13, 2012: This blog is to document the struggle of Arizona's radical activists against the tactics of the Phoenix Police Planning and Community Relations Bureau Community Response Squad, AKA The Red Squad. It's being launched in the wake of a grave violation by a Red Squad detective, Chris Wilson, who was arrested last week for multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct with 2 minors. His victims, apparently, were young activists whom he had befriended in the course of his work as the Phoenix Police liason to the GLBTQ community. He confessed when confronted and sits in jail awaiting prosecution.

This post from another blog describes the concerns some community activists had with our Red Squad long before Detective Wilson's transgressions. It provides a starting point for those unfamiliar with protest policing in the city of Phoenix. The body of this blog will be a critical analysis of Red Squad tactics as they've affected our liberation movements - as well as individual activists - and a diary of our resistance. More than just resisting, we're fighting back.

PHX Red Squad busting Occupy "campers"

Lessons in resistance: Come armed with your video cameras, folks, to every protest our community has and film the Red Squad in action. Call them on their BS and send the link or embed code to us to post. Lets teach each other how best to deal with them from experience...

PHX PD Red Squad's Chris Wilson tackling CODE PINK LIZ...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Wilson's child victim simultaneously indicted as adult perpetrator - WHAT?

I'm sorry not to be keeping up with this blog of late. Chris Wilson's prosecution has continued to drag on, while he presumably sits in isolation in jail for his own protection. The youngest victim has filed suit agaisnt him and the city for the molestation. Remember that Wilson admitted to the sexual relationship - including the threesome both boys described in the charging statement. His own defense seems to rest on convincing the rest of us that both boys were actually consenting adults at the time of the abuse, and in fact cunnningly seduced him into this triangle - somehow Wilson's the victim here. That's one big reason I wouldn't feel safe with him out on bond if I was the family of the youngest victim.

It's apparent that the 17-year old vicitm felt like he was a consenting adult himself, and didn't initially want to press charges - which would explain why they're after him now. The law in this state wants to have it both ways with that kid, who was 17 at the time of Wilson's arrest: he's now being charged by the AZ AG's office as an adult perpetrator of sex crimes on the 14 year old. Brilliant move, Tom Horne. That would seem to nullify both the case that depends on him being a child and the one that claims he's an adult. 

It says a lot about how the criminal justice system really sees children and victims - they use that young man's age as a weapon to punish both him and his perpetrator...and he's going to be chewed up by this system, even if the charges are dismissed or he's aquitted. Both kids have been irreparably harmed by Detective Wilson's actions and the PHX PD's neglect. The Attorney General shouldn't be making the harm done to thos evictims any worse.

This case has been followed by Donna Rossi in the mainstream media, so let me share thier story here:

---from CBS5 (hit their site for video)---

Stunning new indictments in former detective's child sex case

Posted: Nov 17, 2013 9:33 PM Updated: Nov 18, 2013 6:18 AM PHOENIX (CBS5) - 
Donna Rossi
There are startling new developments in a case that sent shock waves through the Phoenix Police Department and the community more than a year ago.

Investigators arrested Officer Christopher Jay Wilson in August 2012. A Maricopa County grand jury indicted Wilson on 10 counts of sexual conduct with a minor for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old boy. On one occasion, the three reportedly engaged in group sex.

Wilson has been in jail since his arrest because one of his alleged victims was 14. According to state law, that makes the charge non-bondable.

On Monday, Wilson is expected back in court. His attorney, Robert Campos, will start his argument that his client has the right to have bail set because of a huge twist in the case in which one of his alleged victims has been indicted for child sex crimes.

CBS 5 News has learned the 17-year-old boy connected with the Wilson case has himself been indicted on 11 counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of attempted sexual conduct with a minor.

The victim, according to court documents, is the same 14-year-old as is named in the case against Wilson.
According to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, some of the charges stem from the reported three-way sexual encounter.

Campos said he had been trying to get authorities to consider charging the 17-year-old from the start.
"It's about time authorities have finally indicted this individual," Campos said.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office is prosecuting the older teen, who is now almost 19.

But that would create an interesting legal dilemma. The indictment makes the teen both an adult sexual assault suspect and a minor victim within the same court system, Campos said. It is that reason that CBS 5 News has continued to protect his identity and have not released his name.

Campos said he believes the indicted teen will have to invoke the Fifth Amendment if called to the stand to testify against his client, making prosecuting Wilson more difficult.

"It's going to be complex, whether or not he will be a useful witness in the prosecution of my client," Campos said.

Campos said he is outraged that the indicted teen is not in jail. He was living outside Arizona at the time the grand jury handed up the indictment and was summoned to appear in court to answer to the charges. The indicted teen was processed, fingerprinted and photographed, then released and allowed to return to his job outside the state.

According to state law, if a person is charged with sexual conduct with a minor and the victim is younger than 15, that makes in a non-bondable offense in most cases.

But Michael Arenz, who has represented the 17-year-old, doesn't think he ever should have been charged in the first place.

"At all times he was a child - legally a child. We believe he is more a victim than anything else given the other case that is ongoing," he said.

CBS 5 News has asked the attorney general's office why the teen is not in jail. Other questions that were asked included how the indicted teen can simultaneously be considered a minor victim and an adult suspect by the same court system. For two days, the attorney general's office refused to comment, stating the prosecuting attorney was on vacation.

The charged teen works for a law enforcement agency in another state. That agency said that he has been with them since May 2013 and is training to be a 911 operator.

A spokesman for the agency said they were unaware of the indictment until CBS 5 News inquired. After that, the indicted teen was immediately placed on unpaid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

The 14-year-old victim has filed a multimillion-dollar notice of claim against the City of Phoenix and Wilson.

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