"In the United States, Red Squads were police intelligence units that specialized in infiltrating, conducting counter-measures and gathering intelligence on political and social groups during the 20th century. Dating as far back as the Haymarket Riot in 1886, Red Squads became common in larger cities such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles during the First Red Scare of the 1920s. They were set up as specialized units of city police departments, as a weapon against labor unions, communists, anarchists, and other dissidents." (wikipedia 8/13/2012)

Phoenix Police Planning and Community Relations Bureau "Community Response Squad"

Phoenix Police Planning and Community Relations Bureau "Community Response Squad"
DO NOT LET THE SMILES FOOL YOU: Top Row Lt. Bryan Coley, Det. Rick Tamburo, Det. Dottie Conroy, Det. Al Ramirez, Det. Rick Flum, Det. Tony Davis Bottom Row Det. Jeff Wood, Sgt. Mark Schweikert, Det. Jerry Oliver, Det. Chris Wilson, Det. Chris Abril

Resisting the PHX Police Red Squad

AUGUST 13, 2012: This blog is to document the struggle of Arizona's radical activists against the tactics of the Phoenix Police Planning and Community Relations Bureau Community Response Squad, AKA The Red Squad. It's being launched in the wake of a grave violation by a Red Squad detective, Chris Wilson, who was arrested last week for multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct with 2 minors. His victims, apparently, were young activists whom he had befriended in the course of his work as the Phoenix Police liason to the GLBTQ community. He confessed when confronted and sits in jail awaiting prosecution.

This post from another blog describes the concerns some community activists had with our Red Squad long before Detective Wilson's transgressions. It provides a starting point for those unfamiliar with protest policing in the city of Phoenix. The body of this blog will be a critical analysis of Red Squad tactics as they've affected our liberation movements - as well as individual activists - and a diary of our resistance. More than just resisting, we're fighting back.

PHX Red Squad busting Occupy "campers"

Lessons in resistance: Come armed with your video cameras, folks, to every protest our community has and film the Red Squad in action. Call them on their BS and send the link or embed code to us to post. Lets teach each other how best to deal with them from experience...

PHX PD Red Squad's Chris Wilson tackling CODE PINK LIZ...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Schweikert memo on Simplot hits the stands...

Sorry to just be catching this up - am out of town with a family emergency. Note the link embedded in the article to the full PHX PD memo by Sgt. Mark Schweikert.


Memo claims ex cop accused of sex with minors was protected

Posted: Nov 27, 2012 7:01 PM MST
Updated: Nov 28, 2012 10:33 AM MST  
By Donna Rossi /PHOENIX (CBS) - 
 Maricopa County prosecutors want a court-ordered HIV test for a former police officer accused of having sex with two teens boys.

Former Phoenix police detective Chris Wilson appeared in court today. Wilson was arrested in August for having sex with a 14-year-old and 17-year-old that he met through his position as the liaison officer to the LGBT community.

The judge will hear arguments on the HIV testing at a future hearing. The defense is asking the accusers to submit to tests as well.

In another development in the Wilson case, CBS 5 News has obtained a document that outlines concerns about Wilson's professional performance long before his arrest.  [Click here to read the full document (PDF)]

Shortly after Wilson was arrested there were rumblings that Wilson had been having problems as the LGBT liaison for a couple of years. It was rumored that his sergeant documented those problems but felt powerless to do anything.
CBS 5 News tried to get those documents but our public records request was denied. The city cited an ongoing investigation. But through a verified source, CBS 5 News obtained the documentation a few weeks ago.

In a 22-page memo written by Wilson's immediate supervisor, Sgt. Mark Schweikert tells the story of a rogue detective who should have been reigned in, perhaps even replaced as the LGBT liaison.

In the memo Schweikert writes that he told his commander it was difficult to supervise Wilson because of interference from openly gay City Councilman Tom Simplot and out Assistance Chief Tracy Montgomery.

Schweikert writes that Wilson made it known that Simplot was his work out buddy. At one point Schweikert writes that he felt Simplot was using his position to influence and intimidate him to not take supervisory action against Wilson, even though a host of citizen's in the LGBT community complained about Wilson. 

Throughout the document Schweikert details one example after another where Montgomery allegedly pulled rank and made decisions that protected Wilson even though she was not in his chain of command.

The document, if true, raises questions about whether, if managed properly, Wilson might have eventually been removed as the LGBT liaison and not have met the boys he's accused of victimizing.

It's important to point out that the memo is only the account as document by Schweikert.

The document is in the hands of city leaders and the accusations are being investigated by the city Equal Opportunity Department as part of a hostile work environment complaint filed by Schweikert.

The police department said they would not comment until that investigation is over.

Simplot's assistant said he would be happy to address the accusations but he is out of the country until late Tuesday night.

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